Blackity Black Event Schedule

This Event Runs On BPT

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Juneteenth Eve: Opening Day 3:00pm PST

Part 1: Opening Activity, Live Music, Entertainment

Part 2: Orientation

Part 3: Wellness Event 

Part 4: VIP Experience & General Attendee Breakout Sessions LIVE

Part 5: End of day closeout

Juneteenth: 8:00am PST

Part 1: Opening Activity, Calling In and Honoring the Ancestors

Part 2: Holistic Healing Transformations: How Black folks have attained transformation and healing spaces through a holistic approach 

Part 3: Wealth

  • Panel 1: Restorative Justice for Business Owners
  • Panel 2: Navigating the Workplace as a Black Professional

Part 4: Music Break Rooms

Part 5: Raising Go-Getters and Grant Slayers: Raising young Grant Slayers to attract funding and build generational wealth

Part 6: How to create transformational and healing spaces by, for, and with Black folks

Part 7: Wellness Event (Physical/Interactive | Black Health)

Part 8: End of day closeout

Day after Juneteenth: 9:00am PST

Part 1: Wellness Session 

Part 2: Event Opening

Part 3: Black Wealth- The Fam

Part 4: Black Joy Activity

Part 5: Music Break Rooms

Part 6: The Power Of Listening to Your Story 

Part 7: Building Generational Wealth

  • Plant-based and food-based healing and ancestral knowledge
  • Birthwork and generational wealth
  • Stocks and Investments
  • Bitcoin
  • Crowdfunding
  • Grants
  • Mentorship

Part 8: Group Workout

Part 9: End of event closeout

This event is co-hosted by Henderson Professional Membership Group and Inclusive Data

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